Community Relations

At the Mammoth Geothermal Complex, we know what a privilege it is to live and work here in the Eastern Sierra. We are dedicated to supporting our community, protecting our natural resources, and working to keep Mammoth a wonderful place to live and visit.

Boosting Our Local Economy

As one of the largest employers in Mono County, the Mammoth Geothermal Complex plays an important role in the local economy. Mammoth Geothermal Complex is also one of the largest property tax payers in the county. Further, we pay royalties to the federal government for our leased lands.

Ormat, which owns the Mammoth Geothermal Complex, is committed to safe operations.  It’s good for the town of Mammoth Lakes. It’s good for the environment. It’s good for our business. The current generation at Mammoth Complex offsets over 200,000 tons of CO2 each year and, the plants are meticulously designed with low visual impact and the surrounding environment in mind.

Geothermal is good for Mono County. Ormat contributes over $1 million per year in property taxes.  And, with the expected completion of CD IV, that amount will increase. We also employ 25 full-time employees and have contracts with many local vendors. In fact, direct local purchases for the existing facility total $1 million annually. The CD IV project will bring $13.3 million to the region and 182 construction jobs. 

Mammoth Geothermal Complex hosts community tours to educate those interested in our operations and how geothermal works.

Community Involvement

Mammoth Geothermal Complex is committed to supporting our quality of life here in the Eastern Sierra. We recognize the importance of protecting our unique natural resources, but also the value of participating in the community.

At Mammoth Geothermal Complex, we encourage our employees to be active in the community, and are proud of their diverse volunteer efforts - whether it be as a Fire Department volunteer, coaching youth sports, supporting school programs, or whatever way they choose to support our local community.