Exploration and Development Activities

Geothermal features present in the Long Valley Caldera area led to early exploration for geothermal energy.

Mammoth Geothermal Complex holds geothermal leases on public and private lands in the Mammoth area.   Leases for federal lands are maintained through annual payments to the federal government.   Many people don't realize that a portion of these lease payments is then routed back to Mono County's general fund and used to fund vital county services and programs.

These federal leases, as well as the National Geothermal Steam Act, actually require Mammoth Geothermal Complex to diligently explore the leased lands for geothermal resources capable of commercial production. 

To that end, we have completed geothermal exploration projects locally in order to obtain more information about the geothermal resources in the area. The target slim hole and geothermal well sites were identified through previously completed geophysical exploration projects and surface geologic mapping. The proposed sites have also been carefully chosen to reduce or avoid potential environmental impacts, while still retaining the ability to test the geothermal targets.